What qualities make for an ideal school or classroom?

Recently, I have come across some readings that have prompted me to think more about what it means to create an ideal school environment.  One reading was a forum discussion posted on Education Week entitled, Creating An Ideal School Environment.  The other reading was in the last chapter of a book I have just finished by Susan CainQuiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

I believe it is possible to create an ideal school or classroom environment.  There are ample examples in public and private schools throughout the US in which schools work tirelessly to shape their school culture to meet the needs of students and teachers.  However, it is important to realize in this conversation about creating an ideal school or classroom that what is ideal for one child might not be ideal for another child.  For a school…

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31 Famous Quotations You’ve Been Getting Wrong


Thought Catalog

Whether its a Facebook status or a bumper sticker, everyone loves a great quote. However, some of the most famous quotes in history, from Gandhi to Mark Twain, aren’t what you think they are. Gandhi didn’t tell you to “be the change” and Twain didn’t only believe in “death and taxes.” Sometimes quotes take on new lives after their authors’ deaths, changing from the original phrasing. Or they find out they said something that they never said at all, which happened to George Carlin all the time.

Here are 31 of the most famous misquotes in history, from the slightly altered to the completely changed. In life, it turns out that there’s no phrase so great that you can’t totally butcher it.

1. “Great minds think alike.”

This is actually a shortened version of a longer quote, of which there are two versions. For the full quote, you want to…

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Where to find Ukulele fingerstyle tabs


type in ukulele fingerstyle and search.

There are many videos on ukulele fingerstyle songs and some publish their handwritten tabs in the description

Some examples would be: Amos Lim and Andrew Foy

2. websites

some examples would be ukulelehunt.com, http://www.ukulelefan.com/,ukulele underground and http://www.chiefnoda.com/ukulele/, http://theukulelereview.com/sheet-music-for-instrumental-ukulele/



What Really Goes On
© Emmi Hayes
We all have a friend
Who’s silver and shines
It pierces our skin
And draws the red lines

It leaves several scars
Over the years
But it lets out our screams
As well as our fears

It gives us relief
We need the sensation
But we keep it a secret
We hate the attention

Those perfect red lines
They become such a burden
But we do it anyway
Because we’re tired of hurting

Some call us psycho
But we know they’re all wrong
They all know what to be
We don’t know where we belong

We hide the scars
Under jackets and sleeves
Our loved ones don’t know
The cuts stay unseen

We try to act fine
So no one’ll know
But sometimes we slip
And the cracks begin to show

Read more at http://www.bestteenpoems.com/poem/what-really-goes-on#QPxmkYAdl9Obpw8X.99

What Really Goes on

How to trace the IP address of the sender in an email

This is a guide ONLY for Gmail users

  1. open up Gmail
  2. click on the email that you want to trace
  3. on the upper right hand side, click on the black triangle
  4. click show original
  5. press ctrl+f(aka the find shortcut)
  6. type in “IP”
  7. copy the IP address it should look something like this:123.456.235.
  8. use tracking sites like http://www.iplocation.net/ to find the basic location of the sender(note the exact location is not accurate)

*IP address can be blocked and masked with add ons and sometimes your result may be completely off if the person is a skilled phisher

Basic stalking guide

1: finding people through search engines

Track down the person’s social media through search engines(Google is good enough)

use words like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. to add details into Google

Try to add descriptive words like the post you remember the person posted before

2: finding the person through friends.

  • This works best for Facebook.

When you are on Facebook, by typing the name of the person you would like to search for, people that are friends with your other friends will automatically pop up.

Another way would be to search the person you saw through your friends 

click on your friends Facebook profile and click friends on his/her profile

type in the name of the person you want to find.

  • If you are using Instagram, read the bio of the person.

Usually the bio would give away clues of the person’s identity which you could use to find them using process 1.

  • if you are using Ask.fm,

look through the questions they answered and use the knowledge you received from the questions for process 1.

3. finding a person using their photo

Save the photo down 

drag and drop the photo onto the Google images search bar(yes you can do that)

enjoy the results.

Hope this helps