Basic stalking guide

1: finding people through search engines

Track down the person’s social media through search engines(Google is good enough)

use words like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. to add details into Google

Try to add descriptive words like the post you remember the person posted before

2: finding the person through friends.

  • This works best for Facebook.

When you are on Facebook, by typing the name of the person you would like to search for, people that are friends with your other friends will automatically pop up.

Another way would be to search the person you saw through your friends 

click on your friends Facebook profile and click friends on his/her profile

type in the name of the person you want to find.

  • If you are using Instagram, read the bio of the person.

Usually the bio would give away clues of the person’s identity which you could use to find them using process 1.

  • if you are using,

look through the questions they answered and use the knowledge you received from the questions for process 1.

3. finding a person using their photo

Save the photo down 

drag and drop the photo onto the Google images search bar(yes you can do that)

enjoy the results.

Hope this helps






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